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About the Department

History of the Department

The march of Santali Department in Garbeta College started from 9th August 2016.  It is the consequence  of  Principal of Garbeta College Dr. Hariprasad Sarkar's outstanding feelings and efforts towards the Santali language. At the beginning of the department  started with a B.A. General course. At this time the class of the department started with a Guest lecturer  Mr. Rabi Murmu . Professor Sanjib Kumar Mukherjee and Professor Rabindra Nath Mudi took charge as the joint coordinators of the department. Their contribution to take the department forward is truly undeniable. Then in 2018 - 2019 academic sessions  the department's B.A. Honours courses are introduced. As the number of students increased tremendously, another Guest lecturer Mr. Pradip Mahata joined to manage the department well. After working in the department for a few months, he was appointed a full-time professor at another Government college. This made it very difficult to manage the department. Under these circumstances, Mr. Pintu Saren worked in the department. Then the department goes well. The number of current students are more than one hundred. Due to the current covid-19 pandemic to keep the online classes of the department active, the present honourable Principal of the Garhbeta  College Dr. Hariprasad Sarkar has appointed two college teachers Mr. Bipin Murmu and Mr. Lakshmikanta Tudu. Thus the department is moving forward with pride.

History of te Department
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