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About the Department

About the Department

The Department of Physics is located at the ground floor of Satyendra Nath Bose Bhaban which is at the South-West part of the college campus. Keeping pace with the aim of the college, this department considers the enrichment and empowerment of the students with the knowledge of Physical sciences and its application.

At present the department is running successfully with three full time teachers, five state aided college teachers (SACT) and two skilled laboratory attendant.  Teachers of the department are very sincere in guiding and helping the students in different academic as well as non academic matters. 

A large number of ex- students of this department are well established in various fields. After having graduation most of the students of the department engage themselves in higher studies. They came out successfully in different examinations and serve the society. 

Laboratory facilities : In the department of Physics there are  sufficient well equipped laboratories for both Hons. and General/ Generic students. In each laboratory necessary  instruments are available as per CBCS syllabus. The department has laboratories for 1. Thermal Physics 2. Electricity and magnetism 3. Electronics 4. General physics. Besides the said laboratories two dark rooms are present, one for Hons. And other for General/ Generic students.

Library facilities: The college has a central library with a fair stock of books on different branches of Physics. The number of Physics text and reference books in the library is being increased each year. The department itself has a library for students and teachers.

Computer and internet facility: Physics department has few desktops and laptops with internet connection. Departmental students can access internet facility to get different information and update their knowledge.

History of te Department

History of the Department

Since establishment of the college, the department of Physics started with only I.Sc. course. Realizing the need of the local students  the Calcutta University granted affiliation in Physics General course in 1962. Bright result  of the departmental students and good infrastructure of the laboratory inspire the departmental teachers as well as the college authority to introduce the Physics Hons. course.  In 1994 our college got affiliation for Physics Hons. course from Vidyasagar University and since then the course has been running successfully.

The department has been enriched by eminent teaching staff from the very beginning by the names of Prof. Hiralal Midya, Prof. Prabhakar Karmakar and Prof. Jyotirmoy Ray. They have to be remembered for their hard effort for allround development of the department. Later the heartiest effort of Dr. Mantu Kumar Das who is now position of Principal, SBSS Mahavidyalaya, Goaltore helps to reach the department as one of the best Physics departments in Vidyasagar University.

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