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National Service Scheme (NSS)


To ensure the mental as well as personality development of students, Garhbeta College has introduced four NSS units having capacity of 100 volunteers in each. Along with the normal activity in every session, each unit organizes special winter camp in various adopted villages. Besides, student volunteers participated in the various occasions like ‘Banomahotsab’, World AIDS Day, observation of Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday, Netaji’s Birthday etc. Another exposure of NSS volunteers is the establishment of ‘Red Ribbon Club’ at the College. The objective of the club is solely the promotion of voluntary blood donation in the student community as well as to the local youth, this noble venture reached to the reality of light with the coordination of ‘Voluntary Blood Donors Association’. Also the club made aware the people on blood transfusion related diseases that appear due to the negligence and superstition prevails in the society.


At the beginning of every session forms of NSS registration are distributed among the 1st year students from each units separately. The NSS officers corresponding to the respective unit circulate notice regarding the registration in NSS and it is after the commencement of 1st year classes. One student can take either NCC or NSS and both are not at all permissible. Apart from this, a student opting for NSS can only registered himself/herself in one unit only. According to the active involvement in activity, NSS officers forward the names of volunteer of his/her unit for the recommendation to be a member of ‘Red Ribbon Club’ in the advisory committee meeting of ‘Red Ribbon Club’.

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