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About the Department

    About the Department

At present the Department has four sanctioned UGC posts. Mr. Alarif Mollah, Dr. Sushil Kr. Ghosh and Dr. Abhijit Banerjee are rendering their services as the Associate Professors and Dr. Rajlaxmi Mukherjee is rendering her service as an Assistant Professor to this Department. Mr. Alarif Mollah is in charge of the department. Moreover, the Mathematics Department has four State Aided College Teachers (SACT) approved by The Government of West Bengal. In 2017, department put one feather on her crown in the form of introduction of post graduate course in Applied Mathematics with Oceanology and Computer Programming. It is our pleasure that all passed out M. Sc. Students scored high marks in every semester and the topper of our first batch in M. Sc., Qualified both NET and GATE examinations. Our B.Sc. (Hons.) passed out students are mostly placed in different colleges, in Railways, Financial Institutions, in schools (as PG teachers) and various well-established organizations. Teachers have good number of research publications in reputed International and National journals along with UGC (Minor) and DST (SERB) research projects. Department occasionally organizes seminar, workshop and series of lectures to inculcate the research mind and motivation among the students. Furthermore, the department has a good practice in students’ seminar, quiz and wall magazine article writing for every academic year.

History of te Department

History of the Department

The people of Garhbeta and its adjoining area, who are mostly economically & academically backward, strongly felt the necessity of an institution of higher education in the remotest backward area of Midnapore. They also realized that aspirants of adjoining Bankura and Hooghly Districts might also be benefitted from such institution. Thus, this institution of higher learning was established, as Garhbeta College, at the dawn of our independence with some modest means on the 13th August, 1948. Since then, the Mathematics Department of Garhbeta College has been working sincerely to spread the learning of Sciences in this economically poor and academically backward area. At the very beginning of the 7th decade of the last century (i.e., 1970s) the College felt the necessity of opening Honours course in Mathematics as the students were very eager to obtain more advanced knowledge in Mathematical Sciences. Realizing the continuous pressure and zeal of the local people and the college, the University of Calcutta as well as U. G. C. granted affiliation in Mathematics honours course in 1974. Since the inception of Vidyasagar University in 1986, our college along with the Dept. of Mathematics became an affiliated college of the said University. This college is one of the oldest institutes to begin honours course in Mathematics in this area.

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