College Garden

History of  the Department

NCC as a subject under Vidyasagar University in our college started from 2017. At the beginning, the University allowed 150 students to study NCC subject. Since this subject was started to be taught in the college, many students were admitted with this subject. Our college has two companies Coy-4 and Coy-5 under 53 Bengal Battalion NCC, Bishnupur. Students were already encouraged in NCC. Many students are encouraged to study by getting NCC as a subject. At present many students are admitted in this subject in our college. Associate NCC Officer Major Tamal De took charge as the In Charge of NCC Department in the college.


About the Department


The department first starts with a teacher. Later a staffer was added. Moreover, many departmental teachers are associated with the classes. There are Theory and Practical classes in the Department. By NCC training, students develop qualities like social service, team spirit, leadership, discipline and self-confidence. There is a parade ground for drill practice of the department.

Students are associated with the following social activities:

i) Tree plantation, ii) Blood Donation, iii) Participation in Social Awareness Programme, iv) Participation in Environment Awareness Programme, v) Participation in Health and Hygiene Awareness Programme.

Students gain knowledge about different weapons. 

Students visit the field at the military establishment for the demonstration of different weapons, armaments and weapon carriers.

Students' increase their knowledge about Army, Air Force & Navy Organization.


Name of Teacher : Major Tamal De ( In Charge of NCC Department )

                    Staff : Sudip Chaudhury