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About the Department

About the Department


The Department of Chemistry has specific location at north-east part of the college campus. The departmental building is named Acharya Prafulla Chandra Bhaban in the memory of famous Indian Chemist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray. It is in the east side of the Charak Uddyan. It consists of two store rooms and three laboratories, one balance room and a staff room. Total built-up area of the department is approximate 275 square meters. 

At present the department is running successfully with four full time teachers, four state aided college teachers (SACT) and three laboratory attendants.  Teachers of the department are very sincere in guiding and helping the students in different academic as well as non academic matters. 

  Keeping pace with the aim of the college, the department of Chemistry considers the enrichment and empowerment of the students with the knowledge of Chemical Sciences and its application. Besides school and college teaching, the knowledge of Chemistry can help the students to get service in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, fertilizer, food processing, paint, plastic and other industries and motivate them for research in different fields of Chemistry.

History of te Department

History of the Department


Since establishment of the college the Chemistry Department of Garhbeta College has been working sincerely to spread the learning of Sciences in this economically poor and academically backward area. At the very beginning the department was a section of I.Sc. course. In 1960-61 the College felt the necessity of opening degree course in Chemistry as the students were very eager to obtain knowledge in Chemical Sciences and as well as pure sciences. Realizing the continuous pressure and need of the local students the Calcutta University granted affiliation in Chemistry General course in 1962. Bright result of the Chemistry General Students inspires the departmental teachers as well as the College authority to open the Chemistry Honours course. In 1991 our college got affiliation for Chemistry Honours course from Vidyasagar University and till then the course has been running successfully.

  The department has been enriched by eminent teaching hands from the very beginning by the names of Prof. Gangadhar Basu, Dr. Bhudeb Ranjan De, Prof. Dhruba Kishore Chatterjee and Dr. Himadri Kumar Biswas. They have to be remembered for their hard effort for the all round development of the department.

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